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Relay for Life is a 24 hour sponsored relay to be held at Ericsson Stadium on the weekend 28-29 February 2004 in Auckland for the New Zealand Cancer Society.  It is expected approximately 100 teams with over 2000 participants will jog, run, walk or crawl their way around Ericsson Athletic Stadium for 24 hours.  It is to raise much needed funds for Cancer Research, health promotion programmes and support services for those people with cancer.

Our Team is made up of family, friends and work colleagues and is raising money in memory of Lowri van der Werff who died due to Wilms’ Tumour, a childhood cancer of the kidney, on 23rd September 2002.

Lowri who lived her whole life on Auckland's North Shore was just 3yrs 11 months old when she passed away.  She was diagnosed with Wilms’ on New Years 2002 and despite the very best efforts of the Oncology and Surgical staff she was fighting a beast that just wouldn’t let go.

 Lowri had two major surgeries the first took one of her kidneys and the second part of her lungs.  She was on two different very toxic chemotherapy programmes, had the maximum allowable radiation treatment to her little abdomen and chest, 2 bone scans, a portacath inserted, countless CT scans, X-Rays, needle jabs, prods and pokes and litres of blood and platelets.  Unfortunately for Lowri it wasn’t enough.

She died because the doctors don’t know enough about cancer, the treatments are not always effective and more research is needed while we continue to assist and aid those currently fighting against cancer.



Cancer affects 1 in 3 people in New Zealand and is a leading cause of death.  Individual members of Lowri's Angels are walking not only for Lowri but also in honour or memory of other friends and family who have had Cancer.  The following are some of these people:

bullet Vivian
bulletPhyllis and Arthur Lawn
bulletBabs Stone
bulletBill Moyle
bulletThe children of the KiwiAngels website (see

(Let Harri know if you have other names to add to this Dedication)

Who are Lowri's Angels 2004?

What's our Goal ?

Harri T (C) Lowri's Mum Nisha

Target at least $100 each > $3,000

Tim vdW (Lowri's Dad)

Dave C

Pat T (Lowri's Grandma) Lindy L
Dave T (Lowri's Grandad) Jim L
Chris vdW (Lowri's Uncle) Erica L
Angela vdW (Lowri's Aunt) Chris P
Rochelle vdW (Lowri's Cousin) Nic P
Samantha vdW (Lowri's Cousin) Kathy C
Sue A-J Brian C
Noel J Dave K
Lynette U Heather L-R
Paul K Jess J  
Karina M Peter R
Grant M Michele L
Michelle K Tanya L

Younger people also walking are:

Roosje vdW (Lowri's big sister), Liam vdW (Lowri's big brother), Aidan vdW (Lowri's cousin), Casey M, Tayla M, Rik M, Alice L.


Walking Roster

Time Name Time Name
2:00 pm Everyone ?? 2:00 am Paul
2:30 pm Pat & Dave T 2:30 am Sue & Noel
3:00 pm Younger people 3:00 am Sue & Noel
3:30 pm Younger people 3:30 am Sue & Noel
4:00 pm Heather & Tim 4:00 am Sue & Noel
4:30 pm Heather & Tim 4:30 am Karina
5:00 pm Heather & Tim 5:00 am Karina
5:30 pm Pat & Dave T 5:30 am Nic & Chris P
6:00 pm Pat & Dave T 6:00 am Grant
6:30 pm Nisha & Dave C 6:30 am Grant
7:00 pm Nisha & Dave C 7:00 am Nic & Chris P
7:30 pm Nisha & Dave C 7:30 am Nic & Chris P
8:00 pm Lindy & Jim 8:00 am Angela & Chris v
8:30 pm Lindy & Jim 8:30 am Angela & Chris v
9:00 pm Lindy & Jim 9:00 am Angela & Chris v
9:30 pm Erica, Brian & Kathy 9:30 am Rochelle & Samantha
10:00 pm Erica, Brian & Kathy 10:00 am Rochelle & Samantha
10:30 pm Erica, Brian & Kathy 10:30 am Rochelle & Samantha
11:00 pm Michelle K & Peter 11:00 am Dave K & family
11:30 pm Michelle K & Peter 11:30 am Dave K & family
12:00 midnight Michelle K & Peter 12:00 noon Dave K & family
12:30 pm Jess 12:30 pm Lynette & Harri
1:00 am Jess 1:00 pm Lynette & Harri
1:30 am Paul 1:30 pm Everyone ??


A large fun programme is scheduled for the event - supporters, friends, family, anyone and everyone is WELCOME to come and support the team.  The sample programme is below, all (or as many as can make it from the Team) will be completing the starting lap and again for the last half hour at 1:30pm on Sunday

When: 28th and 29th February 2004.

Where: Ericsson Athletic Stadium, O'Rorke Rd, Penrose, Auckland.

1:00 pm Survivors walk participants registration
1:45 pm Opening Ceremony
2:00 pm Official Start
  Survivors Lap of Honour
  Full Team Lap
  Start individual Laps
2:15pm Stage Entertainment begins
3:00pm Tribute Candles on Sale
6:00pm Mad Butcher's Barbeque Bonanza
8:00pm Candles placed out ready for lighting
8:30pm Candlight Ceremony
Midnight PJ Party
6:00am Retrieval of candles
7:00am Sunrise Surprise
8:00am Breakfast for campers
9:00am Jazz Sunday
1:00pm Last Hour Hooray
1:30pm Full Team walk for final 1/2 hour
1:45pm Survivors Victory Lap
2:00pm Official Finish
2:15pm Congratulations
  Clean up