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More photos of our garden

These are photos of the garden we have created since Lowri's death including the cottage style memorial garden which has mainly pink flowers in it of course.  See the garden photos page for the 'before' photos.

The 'waterfall' starts to take shape

Lowri's Memorial Garden is fully retained and ready for Harri's handiwork

The subtropical planting goes in next to the pool.

And planting is done around the waterfall.

The first plants are added to Lowri's garden

Steps are added between the different levels of deck and patio

The paving is started around the pool and on the patio

The paving is all finished on the patio...

.....and around the pool

And the fence is put in.....

.....all around the pool

We planted a magnolia called 'Heaven Scent' in Lowri's garden. It put out 12 beautiful pink flowers for Roosje's 12th birthday

Harri starts to shape the memorial garden

with Roosje and Owen (and Liam not shown here) helping to shift the blocks

the blocks were dug into the ground

Forming two levels for the path

And then lime chip was tipped into the space

Which completed the hard landscaping for Lowri's Memorial Garden

Most of the planting was done on Lowri's angel day and her birthday.......

....and two months later it is in full bloom.

Just some angels to be added, but not until Owen is a little older!!

Mostly pink, but some purple snuck in.

Daylilies in bloom by the pool.

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