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Photos of our garden

These are photos of the cottage garden that we created just before Lowri's first birthday.  It grew along with Lowri, and we removed it Easter 2004 to put in a swimming pool.  Click on photo to enlarge.  More recent photos are at the bottom of the page.

Before we started, just one big lawn area.

Cottage graden and hedge freshly planted, summer of 1999

Lowri by the cottage garden and hedge in 2000 having grown a little.

The cottage garden & hedge Dec 2002

with a silkwood tree growing in the middle.

The cottage garden Dec 2002

The kids garden 2003

Roosje and Liam hiding behind the sunflowers - standing on tiptoes on a bench

The cottage garden & hedge Easter 2004

Note the stump of the silkwood tree.

The cottage garden Easter 2004

After the stumps were cleared and the topsoil removed.

Waiting for the diggers to come, 29th April 2004

One of our original retaining walls

- weathered and mossy.

The wrong colour wall in progress

Too yellow, although that doesn't show too well here.

The block colours

Top one is wrong colour, bottom two are one old and one new of the correct colour.

Looking boggy after the rain.

Where the forklift kept sinking.

The pool was delivered 10th May 2004

Pretty big structure

The hole is started 11th May 2004......

....and made bigger.......

.....and the base is levelled.......

.....and the pool is lowered into place.

The pool was filled and the pipes connected......

.....but it rained for 2 days solid.......

....and as you can see,

there is a LOT of lanscaping still to do.

Ladies First!

The water temp is a little fresh!

Someone has to be brave.

Splashing happily.

It's hard to breathe and smile in this water.

Building up the ground ready to pour concrete.

The concrete has been poured around the pool.....

....and on the patio

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