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Lowri's Photo Gallery #4


Christmas 2001

Our Christmas Angel

Our own Rudolph

Lowri's Christmas ball, on our tree

Lowri's Candle on 08 Dec 2002

Liam with his trophy, Lowri scores a trophy bar-be-que sausage of her own (15.09.2002)

A troop of Orangutans

Lowri during her Zoo day out 15.09.2002, with 'Kick' -the cat looking on.

31.08.2002, Taking a quiet moment when out to dinner.

Fathers Day (1 Sep 2002), Roosje detecting the faintest whiff of chocolate looks on in anticipation.


Lowri feeding Barney the horse 19.08.2002

Riding high ! 19.08.2002

Lowri and Fiona on Barney

Lowri's preferred mode of transportation ! 16.08.2002

Lowri and Chuck share a joke 12.Aug.2002


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