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Lowri's Photo Gallery #1



Bad picture of a good subject

Lowri's Poem

by Roosje Apr 2002

Last day of Radiation

Sitting on the MV4 machine on the last day of Chest Radiation Apr 2002 - (pic scanned off a polaroid)

April '02

My little angel

April '02

Are we having fun yet ?

Ben and Liam P say Hi.

Lowri rides in the wheelchair Mar '02

Bone Scan Machine

Out of bed

Lowri tests her legs Mar '02

Mar '02

Cheeky Smile

Waiting Mar '02


Lowri does the tour de backyard

Watchout dad

New Haircut

Lowri and Copper Dec 01

Copper behaving himself (remarkable!!)

Roosje and Lowri


Liam stands in front of Roosje's mural at School

Beach fun

Liam Roosje and Lowri on Long Bay, Mar '02


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